Wrapped Umbrella

Your preventative solution to wet floor slip and falls

No company or individual is immune to slip and fall risk

A 2011 decision by the British Columbia Supreme Court in Vancouver awarded the Plaintiff $40,000 in damages stemming from a wet floor slip and fall incident.

On March 19, 2005, a wet spring night, the Plaintiff was staying at a hotel operated by the Defendant company while visiting Vancouver when she slipped and fell when stepping into the lobby of the hotel, injuring her ankle.

On the night of the incident, the Plaintiff came back to the hotel after enjoying dinner outside the hotel. At the entrance was a sandwich board warning sign and a mat. The Plaintiff stepped onto the tile floor wearing wet running shoes, slipped on a wet tile, and was in immediate pain.

The Plaintiff was taken to Vancouver General Hospital by ambulance. The Plaintiff suffered a bimalleolar ankle fracture and had open reduction surgery where the break was fixed with metal screws which were later removed.

The court noted that rain and wet weather is commonplace in Vancouver, and that on a Saturday night people coming in and out of the rain at a hotel entrance was also commonplace. After considering all the evidence, the court concluded that the hotel floor was unacceptably slippery and that the combination of this slipperiness and the moisture on the soles of the Plaintiff’s shoes caused her accident.

The court found that having a mat and a warning sign was not sufficient to relieve the Plaintiff of its duty of care to its patrons. A warning sign merely warns of a present risk, we aim to improve safety through the prevention of risks.