Wrapped Umbrella

Your preventative solution to wet floor slip and falls

An economical solution to a major safety problem


  • Automatically bags dripping wet umbrellas
  • Reduces potential liability claims arising from slips & falls due to wet floors
  • Increases customer satisfaction by solving the “wet umbrella problem,” no more wet bags, briefcases, or coats
  • Reduces maintenance costs and damage to carpets, fixtures, and fittings
  • Potential cost offset through recycling of bags

Quality & Design

  • Umbrella bags can be branded for mobile advertising
  • Ability to combine wet floor warning signage on machine
  • 3 year warranty, high quality manufacture
  • Proven effective and popular across Asia and Europe


  • Bags are recyclable, in line with green initiatives
  • Bags sized perfectly to adhere to all wet umbrellas - standard, half, and tote sized
  • Economical to use and maintain
  • Fast wrapping operation allows for maintained flow of foot traffic

Less Water on Floors, Less Risk, Less Damage to Fixtures & Furnishings